9 Technological proposals to manage your Municipality

9 Technological proposals to manage your Municipality

Focused on providing speed, security and reliability, in this dossier dedicated to the remote public service, Municípia presents you with 9 technological solutions to manage your municipality.

At Municípia, we develop a set of solutions based on Geographic Information technologies, which guarantee the same availability of municipal services at a distance, avoiding unnecessary travel by citizens, risking their health and that of others.

The geo-portals we build, for example, provide a vast source of geographic information and can include, at this moment, the resources and services in operation, their schedules, their availability, their travel to your home.

The work order management solution can be used to manage disinfection teams very quickly and to know exactly which streets are planned, disinfected, or completed.

The plans’ consultation modules allow the citizen to digitally design their properties and automatically obtain information to support the licensing processes.
And, for those where the territories require the mobilization and management of a high set of means and entities of civil protection, the Municipal Operations Center that we implement, allows to support the activities of the operational command center.

We are sure that we will all overcome this moment that we are going through. Historically we have overcome other difficult moments and we have always grown stronger. But we are also certain that nothing will be like before, that the process of digital transformation that we started and that was being adopted with more or less diligence, is now essential and as essential as water or electricity.

It is in a responsible way that we put our skills in implementing solutions and integrating with your GIS structures at your entire disposal.

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