Public Administration

Our roots in the Local Public Administration have allowed us to achieve a deep knowledge of this sector, as well as the needs and aspirations of its players..

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With a clear focus on techniques and methods capable of increasing the final quality of the product and reducing the costs of operating the properties, we focus on making available to our producers all our know-how and precision equipment, both aerial and terrestrial.

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Water management shares the same objective anywhere in the globe. Geographic Information Technologies allow to trigger this value chain

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Energy and Environment

The sustainability of the available resources depends on the efficient use and the promotion of solutions based on renewable or low consumption energy.

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The Portuguese Government intends, with the National Reform Program (2020), to establish a strategy that seeks to invest in telemetric mobility, investing in soft mobility, favoring public passenger transport in urban areas, investing in rail transport, enhancing multi-platform logistics -modals, strengthen connections to ports and airports.

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