Development and Implementation of Urban Management Application

Public Administration
About This Project
About the Project:

Scope: Municipal Management

Location: Oeiras

Characteristics: Urban management and inspection instrument; Instruction of procedures related to the licensing and authorization of urban operations; Verification of the legislation and regulations in force; Monitoring of urban plans; Statistical evaluation of urban indicators for planning; Visualization of Territorial Management Instruments (PDM, PU´s and PP´s); Consultation to the Regulations (PDM, PU´s and PP´s); Registration of Construction Claims; Automatic Confrontation with the Territorial Management Instruments (PDM, PU´s and PP´s); Analysis of Opinions of the Environment; Issuance of reports based on the intended claim; Association of Entities Requesting External Opinions to the classes of space or conditions; Consultation of Associated Documents and Database of the Allotment Permit; Automatic Localization Based on the No. of Plant Issued in munEPL; Interconnection with Construction Process Applications through web services.