Quality Policy

The Quality Policy aims to outline different operating vectors in the Municipality capable of guaranteeing the policy’s commitment to improving the effectiveness of the QMS, processes and procedures, in order to satisfy the requirements placed by our customers and by the market itself.

For this to happen, we have defined 5 fundamental vectors of action:


The Client and his satisfaction are the focus of the services provided by the Municipality;
The Client’s needs and requirements define the way we operate in each project;
We privilege stable and lasting relationships with our Clients;


Orientation of employees to productivity and achievement of objectives, without neglecting versatility;
Well-trained employees contribute their ideas, technical knowledge to the overall success of the organization;
Recognition of employee performance on a periodic basis, based on financial and non-financial contributions, contributes to the continuous improvement of the organization;


Assume a commitment to quality, introducing improvements in internal processes and selection of suppliers;
Have qualified suppliers committed to the quality of supply of their products and or services;


Sustained growth, taking into account the execution of the approved Activity Plans;
Satisfaction of shareholders’ interests;

Public Utility

Our organization is aware of the importance that our services have, for decision making in the 308 municipalities in the country.
We know that the rigor and quality placed in the execution of our services are essential for an effective management of the territory, at the Local, National and International levels.