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Infrastructure Cadastre, Detection and Inspection Equipment

The availability of our own resources is a huge competitive advantage.


Municípia has CCTV technology with detection. This pipeline inspection filming equipment incorporates a multi-frequency signal transmitter that is detected by a signal receiver on the surface.

Film recording allows us to identify notable points, with sub-metric precision, to integrate them in the cadastre, or to pinpoint them at the surface, adding depth information.

Pipeline routes are obtained in colour video format, with correspondent audio and text comments and real-time information retrieval on the conservation status, missing elements, improper connections, clogged ducts, fork connections, among others.



Medium sensitivity metal detector with better response to ferrous metals and sensitive only to objects measuring >10 cm (approx.), such as manhole covers, valve caps and drain grills. 

The maximum detection depth depends on the metal mass involved, but it ranges from 30 to 50 cm.



Thermal sensor that records existing surface temperature differences by a colour scale.
The energy emitted by objects, commonly known as “heat”, is part of the spectrum imperceptible to the human eye. And all objects with a temperature above zero degrees Celsius emit heat, which can be observed and digitally recorded through thermal infrared recording.
Thermal surface asymmetries of the same material are studied, reported and usually mean anomalies that result, in most cases, in energy losses.
This sensor allows the use of a non-destructive technique in structure inspection, to detect humidity, heat, infiltrations, construction failures and degradation of materials, which would be visually impossible to detect.

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Intervention Thermography