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GPS Equipment, Total Station, Laser Scanner and Mobile Mapping

The availability of our own resources is a huge competitive advantage.


Being at the forefront of technology, Municípia has dozens of precision GPS, Leica and Trimble, and a Leica total station, so that cadastre processes, photogrammetric or infrastructure support are carried out with the utmost precision.



For architectural, infrastructure or heritage surveys we use a Leica Laser Scanner, capable of registering millions of high-precision points up to 300 m. XYZ measurements are shown as “point clouds”, which, combined with images simultaneously collected in a coupled camera, allow the production geo-referenced images.



Upon surveying urban furniture, signage, or in infrastructure projects, you have access to the Mobile Mapping Technology, which is a data collection system installed in a vehicle and that is able to incorporate images, LASER or other types of collection sensors, depending on the purpose.



The globalization of the GPS signal and of mobile devices and networks, has lead the Developer Staff to adapt to user-friendly, simple, liable and map-based application developments, removing the paper from the field and providing the spatial component upon survey.

By using open source software that avoids licensing costs, application solutions were designed according to the size of the surveys to carry out, allowing customization associated with the survey target, but sharing data integration in an organized and geo-referenced structure.